UDAIPUR, widely known as “the city of lakes” is a major city, municipal corporation and administrative headquarters in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is popularly known for its history, culture, prime location, panoramic landscape and Rajput Era palaces. The city is set around a series of artificial lake-sand is known for its lavish royal residencies. It is enveloped by the Aravalli Ranges, which separate it from Thar Desert. It’s a destination where people favour to visit during the chilly months of the year.
Shilpgram festival during the month of December and Hariyali Amavasya festival during the month of August are celebrated. During these months, there is an enormous number of tourists visiting the city to explore the place and the celebrations. One should always head to visit this place for its picturesque scenery of hills surrounding the lakes. The magnificent City palace, overlooking the lake Pichola, is a monumental complex of 11 palaces, courtyards and gardens, famed for its intricate peacock mosaic. Kumbhalgarh fort is one of the most admired and one of the biggest forts in Rajasthan. It is situated at a distance of 82km from the city and is World’s second longest wall after the Great wall of China. It has received a rich cultural heritage from the bygone age. The Udaipur solar observatory is considered as the most excellent solar observatory of Asia. Set on the elevation at the island of Fateh Sagar makes it a perfect place to look and wonder at the stars, sky and other celestial places. Mewari is the primary language of Udaipur, yet Hindi is common in the city. The dynamic and vibrant dance adds sparkle to this beautiful city of Udaipur. Dance of Dandi Gair which is associated with Marwar and with the city. It has a good transportation network across the states. It gains a strategic geographical advantage, having a good connectivity with Gujarat ports. It is connected to the nearby city, states by means of road, rail and air transport facility including Maharana Pratap airport. Due to its striking cityscape, it’s dubbed as “the most romantic spot on the continent of India” by the British administrator, James Todd.

The ideal months being September, October, November, December, February and March.

Accommodation: Book a hotel at or near Pichola Lake or City Palace. Major attractions are present nearby thus additional time saved on travelling and making most of your sightseeing tour. Udaipur City railway station just 3 km away from the locality. Different categories of hotels are available in this area from low budget with room tariffs starting from ₹700 to luxurious and branded.
How to Reach:
Air: Maharana Pratap Airport (UDR) is approximately 20 km from the city centre. Daily non-stop flights are available from:
  • Chennai (2h 30min).
  • Delhi (1hr 30min)
  • Jaipur (1hr 00min)
  • Mumbai (1hr 20min)
Rail: Udaipur City (UDZ) is 3 km from Pichola Lake. Trains are available from:
  • Agra (12 hrs) – Daily
  • Ajmer (5 hrs) - Daily
  • Benagluru (40 hrs) – Thu only
  • Delhi (15 hrs) – Daily
  • Haridwar (20 hrs) – Tue, Fri & Sun
  • Indore (12 hrs) - Daily
  • Jaipur (8 hrs) - Daily
  • Khajuraho (21 hrs) – Daily
  • Kolkata (37 hrs) – Thu & Sun
  • Mumbai (17 hrs) –Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun
  • Mysuru (43 hrs) – Thu Onll
  • Nimach (4 hrs)- Daily
  • Ratlam (7 hrs) - Daily
  • Siliguri (40 hrs) – Mon Only
  • Surat (13 hrs) – Wed, Fri & Sun
Luxury Train: Palace on Wheels
Bus: Buses, owned by state transport corporation and private owners, are available from:
  • Agra (14 hrs)
  • Ahmedabad (7 hrs)
  • Ajmer (7 hrs)
  • Delhi (14 hrs)
  • Indore (9 hrs)
  • Jaipur (8 hrs)
  • Mathura (15 hrs)
  • Mumbai (17 hrs)
  • Pune (20 hrs)
  • Surat ( 10 hrs)
Road: Udaipur is connected with major cities by National Highway 48. It connects Udaipur to Delhi (660 km), Jaipur (395 km), Ahmedabad (263 km), Indore (390 km), Mumbai (760 km), Bangalore (1730 km) and Chennai (2100 km).


Day 1

  1. City Palace
  2. Pichola Lake
  3. Jagmandir
  4. Bagore ki Haveli Museum
  5. Ambrai Ghat

Ambrai Restaurant (₹1700 for 2)

Pub or Bar:
  1. Shamiana Roof Top Restaurant (₹800 for 2)
  2. Upre by 1559 AD (₹1900 for 2)

Day 2

  1. Neemach Mata
  2. Fatehsagar Lake
  3. Bombay Bazaar
  4. Moti Magri
  5. Sahelion ki Baari
  6. Monsoon Palace

Bombay Bazaar

Panna Vilas Restaurant (₹750 for 2)

Pub or Bar:
  1. Brewz Rock Café (₹500 for 2)

Day 3

  1. Badi Lake
  2. Dudh Talai Lake
  3. Karni Mata Temple

Nataraj Restaurant (₹400 for 2)

Pub or Bar:
  1. Bapu Bazaar (Crockery and Khadi Products)
  2. Bada Bazaar (traditional clothes and souvenir)

Day 1:

  • Arrive at Udaipur and check in around 9:30-10 AM.
  • Take a hotel near Pichola lake / City Palace.
  • Freshen up and head to City Palace, one of the major tourist destination showcasing the history of Udaipur.
  • Travelling in the city is very easy as local transport is available without any hassle.
  • After city palace is done, for lunch we recommend a scenic view of Pichola Lake at the Ambrai Restaurant.
  • After quenching your appetite go for a stroll around the Pichola lake and reach Jagmandir (small palace in the middle of the lake) by boat.
  • After your boat ride pay a visit to Bagore ki Haveli museum which showcases the architecture and lifestyle of the royal family...the museum closes around 5:30, so plan accordingly.
  • Spend the evening at Ambrai Ghat (famous ghat near ambrai restaurant) and enjoy the sunset with great views of pichola.
  • Head back to the hotel if you wish to relax or explore places nearby.
  • For having a good time with family and friends over booze and chakhna at a roof top restaurant and enjoy the night life of the city, you can opt for Shamiana Roof Top Restaurant for casual dining or Upre by 1599 AD for fine dining, both at Pichola.

Day 2:

Morning (Early)
  • After witnessing the sunset the previous day it's time for the sunrise today.
  • As today we are heading to Neemach Mata Hill, eat light as we will be hitchhiking today, and trust me the trek is worth the effort. This hill top is near the Fatehsagar lake and has amazing view of Udaipur city.
  • After this we proceed to the heart of Udaipur city and Udaipurites' favourite spot, Fatehsagar lake.
  • After enjoying the calm and serenity of the lake it's time for some wholesome breakfast/brunch at the Bombay bazaaar which is overseeing the lake ( might be late but worth it after all the energy spent in the morning). Bombay Bazaar has an assortment of outlets for quick bites, pizzas, south indian & north indian dishes, dessert parlours and many more.
  • Relax for a while and then we towards the water again, for an amazing boating experience at the Fatehsagar we'd recommend motor boats.
  • Once the boating is done we proceed for another lesson of history at the Moti Magri wherein is situated the iconic statue of Maharana Pratap along with his horse Chetak. After History it's now time for some Geography. Head to the top of this small hill wherein lies the views of the city along with the amazing views of Aaravalli Hills (as this is a small hill passengers are taken to the top by cabs only). After spending the time at Neemach Mata it's time for lunch.
  • We'd recommend Panna Vilas Restaurant as it has amazing view of Fatehsagar along with sumptuous cuisine.
  • Head to Sahelion ki Baari post lunch which is one of the famous gardens in the city and popular tourist destination.
  • Roam around the city for a while and in the evening go to the famous Monsoon Palace which gives the panoramic views of the city's lakes, palaces and the countryside. Be here till the sunset as this place provides beautiful view of the sunset which is an exhilarating experience in itself.
  • Return back to the hotel and take rest.
  • After a tiresome day, it becomes necessary to relax, we recommend Brewz Rock Café at Bhuwana for casual dining.

Day 3

  • Freshen up and have light breakfast, head to Badi Lake which has a charm of itself. Ssurrounded by hills, this lake is not as commercialized as other lakes and provides calmness and serenity. Enjoy the experience to the fullest.
  • Have lunch at the famous Nataraj Restaurant which is famous in Udaipur for its veg thali.
  • After the lunch, head to Dudh Talai Lake to enjoy the views of the lake and roam around the 2-3 parks near the lake which are located on the small hillock. There is a ropeway ride (people can climb as well if they wish) which takes you to Karni Mata Temple. The ropeway is the first one in Rajasthan and you get to see the beautiful views on the way and the entire view of Udaipur city once you reach the top.
  • After spending your time there, you would want to carry few mementos and souvenirs back home for your friends and family. Bapu Bazaar and Bada Bazaar are well known markets where you can find crockeries, khadi products and traditional Rajasthani clothes. FINALY YOUR UDAIPUR TRIP ENDS !

Then it is time for the return journey back home with loads of memories to cherish...