Our Objective

We at India-Itinerary focus on creating optimized travel to facilitate the planning of trips. Our itineraries ensure that you can manage your time, easier and faster travel from one point to another, helps in prioritizing your wants. These are created by our team which are experimented and verified. We include all major tourist spots and attractions in a particular place. We also mention the details pertaining to the best cuisines and the best market for shopaholics. Our distinctive trait is that we even offer customize itinerary based on customer inquiries. This allows you to cover your favorite places in the available time slot. So backpack and experience the best travel adventure with our team.

To travel is to live, to unravel the hidden explorer in you. Is life only about work, work, and work? We all start getting comfortable and inured in the bubbles we create for ourselves and in this process we forget that there is much more than a busy life. For many, it’s a restless careless desire to up root and see and do something new, to break the routine of life. Traveling not only teaches us the value of life, but also make us learners and observers. But is it as simple as it appears to be? Is traveling just about choosing a destination, booking your plane tickets and accommodations? The most vital part of going on an excursion is to have an itinerary which will make your stay jaunty. This can either make or break your trip!