Best travel vlogging tips

5 best travel vlogging tips you must follow for your travel page

Travel Vlogging is a bug that has caught up in the recent past and with Instagram becoming one of the most influential medium on social media, Travel bloggers are legit influencers in today’s Insta-crazy world. The biggest most fascinating thing about this is the fact that there is no requirement of any setup and all you need to do is have a camera which everyone has today in their smartphones already .  In this article, we will give you the Best travel vlogging tips for all the upcoming travel vloggers.

  1. Establish the location

Every video works better when it begins with a shot that establishes the place. It just gives a professional look to your video and gets your audience into the video straight away. This is one of the best things to do for travel vlogging.

  • Keep your videos crisp

It’s important that the vlogger does not make the video too boring and keeps it short. It would be better if more things are short and the shots are shorter in their time duration. In our travel vlogging tips, this would rak as one of the most important ones because it saves your video from being monotonous.

  • Be selective in your shooting

One of our Best travel vlogging tips will be to make sure that the shooting is done selectively. Novice vloggers make the error of shooting absolutely everything they come across and then make their videos very repetitive. It is important that the videos reflect the vision of the vlogger and his sensibilities too .

  • Practice your edits

Editing is a major tool when it comes to Vlogging. It can absolutely make or break your video depending upon how the editing is done in the video. Even if the vlogger is not a professional editor, they can still look to edit on the online editing software which are free to use and very basic and intuitive.

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  • Be on the screen

This is one of the most important tips for travel vlogging because personal connect is what the audience is looking for. People need to connect with the voice they are seeing and not doing that may disconnect the audiences

So in this article we covered the Best travel vlogging tips for the up and coming vloggers so next time you update something on YouTube and Instagram, do remember us J. Anything else, do write in to us.

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