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7 Bollywood locations which are perfect for your travel.

India is a nation which is absolutely obsessed with our movies and it is no surprise that our travelers are obsessed with posting pictures about locations that have been used in movies. In this article we try and cover a few bollywood locations that travelers can visit.

Do we even need to mention this? Or just say vo jahaaz dekh rahe ho? Fort Chapora is the most famous locations which have been ubiquitously visited by everyone who visits Goa.  But we are not complaining do we? Because what’s a friends trip to Goa without saying, Ham dost the, hain, aur rahege

  • Pangong Lake, Ladakh

That last scene from 3 Idiots has made this movie location iconic for travelers who visit Ladakh. The location is one of the most picturesque locations in the country and should be visited by every traveler whether you want to do it wearing a yellow helmet, we’ll leave that up to you.

  • Harishchandra ghat, Varanasi

Ye dukh Kaahe ni khatam hota be. The scene from Masaan has reached the iconic status particularly among the younger generation and if you’re visiting Varanasi. It is just the time to reach the place and see the sun set on the Ganges.

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  • Golden Temple, Amritsar

The image of Anushka Sharma walking in with the backdrop of the beautiful Golden Temple is etched in every cinephile’s mind. This is one of the most beautiful Bollywood locations that can be travelled. Try having your SRK spread his arms while you walk in.

  • Rohtang Pass, Himachal

Let’s just rename it the Imtiaz Ali pass. We all know how much Imtiaz loves his travel and his love for the Rohtang Pass is evident from the number of times it has featured in his films. Other films like Dev D have also featured on this location.

Howrah Bridge is an iconic location and every movie that has been shot in Kolkata has used it in some capacity for sure. No wonder a shot of the Hugli river with the enormous Howrah Bridge is a shot that one can relate to.

Howrah Bridge
  • Rann of Kutch, Gujrat

Remember Alia running helplessly in the white sand. This is that place. This is one of the less discovered gems of the country which (Surprise, Surprise) Imtiaz Ali discovered for us. You don’t want to give this one a miss.

So when are you showing your bollywood obsession next ? Sure we hope.

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