Solo Trip in India

6 things you need to know before you go on a Solo Trip in India

Solo trips are your best friend when you are trying to seek solace and need to do some soul searching.  So when you want to escape the hustle bustle of this ruthless competitive world and spend some time with yourself, a solo trip can re-unite you with you being.

A solo trip can help you get into different zone but can also be difficult for those who are not used to doing it or are attempting it for the first time. Being alone can also make you feel lonely and gloomy and it is at that moment that you need to know that this is just an initial phase which leads to your inner satisfaction. In this article, we have a few tips for you before you embark on this journey of solitude.

  • Safety First

This is one of the most important aspects while going on Solo trips. You need to make sure that you are going to a place where you are secure and do not have any kind of danger.  A Solo trip for girls is even more challenging considering the safety issues, so it is important that you keep your pepper sprays and speed dial numbers ready. Also carry the right equipment if you are going on a trek and ensure you’re wearing the right kind of shoes, carrying enough protection and medication. Better safe than sorry

  • A good playlist

There is nothing like a good playlist when you’re walking alone in an unknown place. It keeps you connected and helps you transcend into the place you want to go to go mentally. Nothing like listening to your favorite songs sitting on the riverside while on a solo trip to Kasol sitting by the river side.

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  •  Go unplanned

To have the best solo trip experience, it is best if you ditch those solo trip packages. Let your instincts take you to wherever you want to and discover the place yourself. The best places for solo trip in India are the ones which are not explored, so be the first one to figure them out.

  • Explore local cuisine

Nothing like exploring the best cuisine while on travel. Go into the narrowest of lanes and pamper your taste buds to everything that is unconventional.  Carry your tablets too just in case the food doesn’t suit your system but don’t let that hamper your experimentation.

  • Don’t Instagram everything

The best way to explore a place is doing it without your phone. You can post your pictures once you’re back. Focus on living and avoid the temptation to post everything on Instagram and other social media. A solo trip is for your soul not for your vanity.

  • Go without a return ticket

You can’t live completely if you have the burden of a returning flight hampering your experience. Ja Simran Ja jee le apni zindagi. Don’t book your return tickets unless and until you are absolutely healed and ready to get back to the grind.

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So just keep these things in mind and don’t take too long before you get going. Now is the time my friend. Get yourself going on your first solo travel. Have a nice trip.

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