Inconspicuous Scenery

A scenery ?

Un Kheton me khaliyanon me, Un chote badhe makaaanon me
jalti ek angeethi hai, ek zindagi hai thodi k

The wind blows across your face and kisses your cheeks while you sit and admire something you have no recollection of. Let this be the moment when you take some time out from your precious schedule and listen to that bustling wind again and smell the fragrance that changes every few kilometers. Let yourself recollect what you saw while you were on the road to a destination. The journey you’ve blamed as being tiring was probably the best thing about your trip. When we recall a trip we usually like to remember the ends and not the means. The ends were always meant to be good. They are what you consciously see but the way to the journey is something that enters your subconscious. A scenery, a small house that escaped your attention far away in the fields. It crosses your vision and you don’t even notice. Have you ever thought of your

scenery being a livelihood for someone else or a home for another human being?

I have always been fascinated with the number of stories which live in these homes. There are people fighting their struggles. They see your vehicles passing and hope for a life like you. I hope you take this moment to recollect every single scenery you’ve ever happened to see. Maybe notice It the next time you see it. Maybe get off a station that is not your own and maybe go live in a place that makes your own pain look less demonic than the pain of everyone else around the world. But how do you even compare pain. Find your relief in travel. That is all you have when you are alone.

– Dark disturbed soul

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