Ahmedabad Curfew due to COVID surge

Ahmedabad Curfew implemented due to Covid. Curfew to last from 9 PM to 6 AM

Covid has been wreaking havoc everywhere in the world and it has led to some unforeseen and unprecedented steps being taken by the authorities. This has scene the city of Ahmedabad and its authorities being forced to now enter a Night Curfew. The night curfew is a scenario where the city is going to be closed from 9 in the evening to 6 in the morning. This puts a lot of restrictions on the night life of the city and at India Itinerary, we would advise you to make your travel plans accordingly.

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The Ahmedabad Night Curfew means that the nearby travel to cities like Somnath and Gir will be affected severely too as a lot of travelers travel to the city to plan a vacation to these places. The city of Ahmedabad has seen a recent surge in the number of COVID infections and it is in line with over 46,000 cases in Gujrat. We advise you to visit the land of Gandhi wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

Ahmedabad is known for its Sabarmati river front, the Gandhi Ashram and a several other places and with the Ahmedabad Curfew being restricted to the night, it is still a lovely place to visit and explore this beautiful place. Ahmedabad Curfew will affect the restaurants though which depend a lot on their sales dinner sales.  

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