Constructive talks between Biden and Modi

Constructive discussions on the future relations of two of the most important nations of the world, India and the United States took place between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President-Elect Joe Biden of the United States. With Biden being elected, things were going through a period of uncertainty but this meeting seems to have put to rest a few of these jitters.

For those planning to travel to India from the United States, this offers a fresh new start with the resumption of travel. Even though the travel is nowhere near its peak, the constructive collaboration will make traveling to India a lot easier than it was before.

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India gets a lot of visitors from all over the world and particularly from the United States, we will look forward to these constructive ties being a start of a good relationship with the travel sector being in disarray due to the lockdowns and the restrictions all over the world. A good development here could open the doors to some recovery hopefully. 

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