Depression and Travel

Depression is bloody real. Get it.

“I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers “
– Streetcar Named Desire

When you listen to uneducated idiots around you talking about depression, all you want to do is just go away from them. Probably it isn’t something that most people would advise. But for those who claim to be there for me in this time are nowhere to be found when I am sleepless in the night. Yes, they will only look at me when I cry. Not to console me but to tell me that I crave for attention. IT is toxic being around them so escape. Yes.

Oh and there are those who tell you to leave because change ho jaaega. Don’t listen to them either you know. You don’t need to change to be happy. It’s not your fault that you don’t feel good. You probably just need a place to cry in peace without being told that you are a drama queen. You need to just do things without a motive. You need to also just sleep for f***ing as long as you want without being told that you are useless.

SO yes, pick up your bag and muster up some will and go on that solo trip. You need some time alone with yourself because it is useless to expect these machine-like relatives you have to support you. Maybe you need a stranger to tell you its okay. .Maybe you need to fall in love with the sky. Maybe all you need is to be lost without being noticed. Go where you aren’t followed. GO WITHOUT A RETURN TICKET. You dont have to come back until and unless you really want to come back

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Also, if you feel you’ve got a problem and you cant talk about your depression. You’re not alone. I am with you. drop in a comment. We wont make it public without your permission

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