Best Restaurants in Pondicherry

5 restaurants you want to visit for a sumptuous food experience in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a place which has built its unique reputation over the years for being one of the most unconventional and unpredictable yet fulfilling food hubs in the country. It has great sea food, continental food and also some traditional south Indian food to offer people who want to visit this wonderful place. Here we offer an insight into some of the best restaurants in Pondicherry

  • Carte Blanche

The French influence runs wild in this restaurant’s architecture as well as its cuisine. It does the unique job of intertwining the best of the Indian and French cuisine and give it the name of ‘creole cuisine’.  There is enough sea food to get you excited as well. Certainly one of the best restaurants in Pondicherry

  • Appachi Chettinad

This is among the best vegetarian restaurant in Pondicherry and gives you a break from the otherwise French influence on the city and brings you back to the Tamilian world with its architecture, design and off course the authentic French Food. The word Chettinad comes from their style of cooking which makes it an amazing place to go.

  • Lighthouse Rooftop Grill

What’s a trip to a sea town without experiencing some sea food by the ocean waves. This rooftop restaurant gives you an ambience worthy of the food with some great Indian, continental and Oriental cuisine. The view of the light house adds to the charm of this amazing place.

  • Satsanga

This is a place that attaches value to the spirituality of food and their organic and fresh menu really gets you going deep into your soul while eating. This is also one of the best restaurants in Pondicherry for Vegetarians who want to experience Italian cuisine in addition to Indian cuisine.

  • Sea Gulls

This is the best place if you want to enjoy a good drink besides the influence of the sea. The view of the Veeram Pattinam Harbour really gets you in the mood for the relaxed atmosphere.

These were our picks. If you have some more suggestions, just let us know mate, we’ll have a taste too.

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