Vaccination Tourism – Like Really ?

2020 is a year where we have redefined the boundaries of this cannot happen. The boundary however keeps going from weird to unbelievable. The latest news we hear about now is the concept of Vaccine Tourism. Yes you head that right. Vaccine Tourism.

The world has been waiting for a COVID vaccine and waiting to get rid of this pandemic that has turned the world upside down altogether but now with the vaccine being right around the corner and the approval of this Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, the travel industry has now started planning trips to the country for people who want to (and can afford to) go and get a shot for themselves.

There are packages now who are now planning packages for the Indians to go to England for taking their injections. There are companies in both Mumbai and Bengaluru who are now acting as travel agents for the tour packages of the costs. To add to that, there are people who have actually started to book their travels. Well I guess it would require some amount of privilege to manage a trip to UK for a vaccine and it would bring our Kangna Ranauts out.

UK understandably has given out words of caution and also threatened to take legal      action in case such a scenario happens. These travel agents might be getting into the legal suits in case the offers which are made do not turn out to be authentic.

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