Stay-ins and gateways dominate the trends in New Year travel.

One sector that has taken a major beating in the unusual year of 2020 all over the world has been the travel sector with people being paranoid about the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus and the constant fear of the pandemic being infected all-pervasive in the world. India has been no different and has also faced something similar in the travel sector where the sector witnessed a record downfall and was a major contributor to the falling GDP.

The sector however has seen a major rebound with the New Year and winter travel at the very forefront of this welcome change in the sector. Things are finally looking upwards and there is a massive growth in the demand for locations that have over the years been Road trip hubs. Locations such as Jaipur, Kochi, and Goa are leading this change as people are opting for the weekend getaways, staycations over the longer packaged planning trips. This has also led to a growth in the hotels which are favorites for smaller duration travels such as OYO and AirBnB.

The tourism sector has been a major revenue generator for India with the Incredible topographies which exist in this country and the recovery brings a major relief not just to the travelers but also those who depend on the hospitality sector for their bread and butter. After other major holidays being lost in the lockdown period, the New Year finally offers a sense of optimism going into the new year. Religious tourism has been a silent healer and the heavens seem to be finally smiling over those who make their money from the important religious hubs. For some of such locations, do check out some of our suggested itineraries. That’s what we do. Make travel easier for you.

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