Road trips becoming the preferred mode of commutation.

With the current scenario of the pandemic engulfing the world, the intangible threat of the Coronavirus has made people resort more to the trusted settings of their own vehicle over the public transport where they might have to share their travel with other people.

A recent survey has indicated that over 30% of the population has begun to trust travel by road over other forms of travel. The detailed analysis of this report provides evidence that close to 60 % of these respondents who have planned to end this godforsaken year in the pleasant settings of beaches and mountains want to reach their destinations via the road and just a meager 20% of those surveyed wanted to bring the year close in a restaurant or a bar. Goa, Manali, Delhi, Pondicherry were among some of the most preferred destinations of these travelers which indicates the increase in preference for the domestic destinations over the international ones for the obvious reasons of their being a lack of trust in international flights and destinations particularly now that the new strain of Coronavirus which is said to be even more dangerous than its predecessor has come to the fore.

The survey also suggested that air travel may have made a come back recently with the lifting of restrictions but the short distance travelers are certainly preferring the road trip options. People have also made an increase in their travel durations with the average duration of travel is over 2 days. Air travel, however, is still being preferred for long-distance travel.

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