Let’s make India a responsible tourist spot.

India is indeed an incredible tourism place which is full of tourist attractions. Whether it is topographically or culturally. We have everything that gives us the potential of becoming the potential hub of the world. So what drives people from all over the world to go to places in Europe and the Americas rather than visiting us. It’s high time we look at the mirror hard and confess that it’s our habits.

We must have all heard recently how a group of people celebrating on roads caused a traffic jam on the hills. We have also heard many instances of tourists being indecent to other tourists while we travel. Come on, we are better than that aren’t we.

We write this article with a lot of concern for the residents of the places and being concerned. You know, our travel cannot become a nuisance for the people visiting or traveling there. The basic problem here is that we do not value the sentiments and convenience of others. If nothing else, we can start with some real basics. Not drinking and driving, Not littering. Not dancing on roads for heaven’s sake.

Yeah, we know this sounds like a rant but I hope we realize that close to republic day when we celebrate the country we are and the patriotism that we have, hopefully, we will realize that patriotism isn’t just about being proud of our country. it is also about making our country a better place to live and travel particularly in the post covid era when the travel sector has been severely hit and it is our collective social and economic responsibility to get the sector back on track and make India a better place so that the tourism sector can flourish and be a contributor to the image of the country.

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