Day trip kolkata

Road Trips from Kolkata.

The city of Joy is one of the biggest cities in India and one of the most important cities when it comes to the cultural heritage. Kolkata has attracted tourists over the years and offers a lot of places to visit in itself.

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But you know, if you have a couple of extra days to stay there or if you are a resident there in Kolkata and have a weekend free and want to explore some places. Here we have a list of the best places to visit near Kolkata for a weekend getaway.

Diamond Harbour (50 KM)

The Diamond Harbor is one of the best places to visit near Kolkata on a weekend because it offers some of the most amazing seaside fun. The Ganges meets the Bay of Bengal here and you get to see some picturesque scenes of the east coast of India. There are other activities such as boat riding and a lot of other water sports here. Don’t you miss this? Cholo!

Day trip kolkata
Day trip kolkata

Chandannagar (48 KM)

When you talk about the French colonization’s impact on the country, you instantly think of Pondicherry, however, one hidden gem that we personally recommend is Chandannagar. This is a place full of historic heritage, museums, and Churches. The overall look and feel of this place are different and you can go vibing here.

Mayapur (120 KM)

The land of the ISKCON is one the most important religious spots near the city. It calls itself the Spiritual capital of the world and for good reason. You can find people high on religion and spirituality and in their own personal zones where they connect with the almighty. If you have time for yourself and your soul this is one of the best places to visit near Kolkata.

Day trip kolkata
Day trip kolkata

Sundarbans (100 KM)

The Royal Bengal Tiger stays here and why would not want to visit and pay your respects to the King of the Jungle here. You must. The picturesque lands of Sunderbuns have always been known for the heavenly time you have been away from concrete jungles and into the woods quite literally.

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Mosuni Islands (120 KM)

It is another one of our hidden gems where people don’t often visit and if you are one of those who is looking for some quiet time with the sea and the setting sun and of course some great fish. This is the place you are looking for. So go backpacking here.

Day trip kolkata

So all you bhodro cheles and meys… Spend your weekends in these amazing locales of West Bengal.

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