Weekend Getaway Chandigarh

Road Trips from Chandigarh

Chandigarh is known as one of the most planned cities in the countries and it also is known for having the pedigree of being in the foothills of some of the most picturesque locations. So we cover some amazing hill stations. You’ll get a bus every few hours from here or if you are a thrill-seeker. You can pick your vehicle and go on a road trip. So what we have for you is the best hill stations near Chandigarh all listed. These are some of our off-beat picks, feel free to tell us yours.

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Morni Hills (30 KM)

This is one of those rare gems which has a connection with the Indian mythologies. This is one of the most popular clusters of villages where most tourists go for a quick picnic. Despite some recent unfortunate events which have happened here and damaged its reputation as a spot, it remains one of the top places to visit.

Weekend Getaway Chandigarh
Weekend Getaway Chandigarh

Nahan (85 KM)

Nahan is one of those little towns which you can go for a quiet getaway in the hills. There are lakes all over the place here and you would love to spend some time here where the two most amazing natural resources which are the Hills and the lakes co-exist. Do not forget a good boat trip here. It’s unbelievably quiet.

Mashobra (120 KM)

This is a place which is located really close to Chandigarh and is one of the quietest hill stations you can reach from Chandigarh. The place is known for its amazing mythological heritage and the Mahasudev Temple here has over the years acquired the status of being one of the cults. People visit here to also observe the himalyan wildlife.

Weekend Getaway Chandigarh
Weekend Getaway Chandigarh

Narkanda (180 KM)

This is one place you want to visit if you want to have a taste of the snow. Among the best hill stations near Chandigarh, it offers snow sports like skiing and other adventure sports. This is one place you should not miss in the winter months.

So mundeyon and kudion, what are you waiting for, now even Christmas is over, get rolling (if you know what we mean) Time for some retreat in the hills.

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