Places to visit near Bangalore

Road Trips from Bangalore

Bangalore is perhaps the biggest cosmopolitan in India right now with people from all over the country working in the city. The city has emerged as the IT hub of the country and without a doubt, it has become one place that houses some of the most hardworking people ever. But as we say, Work hard, travel harder. If you are living in Bangalore, there are some beautiful places which you must not miss in and around the city. Here we have a list of some places to visit near Bangalore.

Aretippur (90 KM)

Once a thriving pilgrim center of Jainism, Aretippur is now home to the ruins dating several centuries back. Aretippur is an active archeological site that doesn’t get the much-needed attention. If you are fond of history and heritage tours, you gonna have an exciting time when you pay a visit here.

Nandi Hills (60 KM)

This is one of the closest places to visit near Bangalore. The hill station has an altitude of 4700 ft above sea level. There are a lot of important places here which come to the fore when you visit this place. The scenic beauty along with the historic importance of this place. There is enough to do when it comes to the paragliding as well and some temples that can add a spiritual flavor.

nandi hills
Sagarkatte Bangalore weekend getaway

Sagarkatte (160 KM)

On the outskirts of Mysore, you find this tiny hamlet. A place that seems surreal and where nature exudes its own magic. Sagarkatte is surrounded by nothing but water bodies, a single-lane road, and a railway track. A perfect place for a weekend getaway.

Chickmagalur (240 KM)

The town covered in green mountains is a favorite spot for those who seek the thrills of trekking as well as those who seek tranquillity. This hill station isn’t just a tourist spot but has a full-blown economic system running through its veins. The beauty of the place is in its falls. Hebba Falls are the most cherished places which people love to visit. Number One on the list of our places to visit near Bangalore.


Yercaud (200 KM)

This is a place which is an unknown treasure in the state of Tamil Nadu which offers a perfect place to visit near Bangalore. This is south of Bangalore and isn’t quite discovered. There are boating options and also coffee plantations which one can indulge in.

These are our recommendations for places near Bangalore. If you have any suggestions, do let us know. Also find our other itineraries.

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