Places Near Mumbai

Road Trips from Mumbai

The maximum city is one which its residents swear by. Mumbaikars take a lot of pride in the city which does not sleep but beyond a point, insomnia gets to you doesn’t it. Well, this is where there are places near Mumbai which relax them every now and then and get them ready to live life in the fast lane once again. In this article, we help you through the list of some places near Mumbai which can help you get over the perils of your grind and recharge your metaphoric batteries.

Karjat (65 KM)

Karjat is a popular destination for weekend getaways for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Trekking, waterfall climbing, river rafting, and rappelling are the sought-after activities here. Peth Fort, Kondana caves, Bhor ghat, and Ulhas valley are the prime attractions to explore in and around Karjat.

Panchgani (244 KM)

The location has been a favorite for the Tinsel town producers and a lot of films have been shot here. This place near Mumbai is known for a beautiful, calm, weekend and also has options for you thrill-seekers with activities like paragliding and trek walks. This town on the western ghats helps you synergize all your five senses and get them back in order

Lonavla Khandala

Lonavla and Khandala (95 KM)

“…Kya karu jaake mai khandala ? You know the rest.. Ghumo, phiro,nacho, gaao, aish karo aur kya…” Lonavla and Khandala have been the most treasured hill station near Mumbai for many a year and has catered to people of all generations.  People go there to enjoy the views and also to experience living amidst the clouds

Bordi (160 km)

Known for its beaches, hidden heritages, and soothing ambiance, Bordi makes an ideal destination for a relaxing weekend retreat. Bordi offers a bunch of activities for folks looking to beat the crowd and spend some quality time with their dear and near ones.


Lavasa (191 km)

Inspired by Italian architecture, this town gives the feel for a beautiful European town less than 200 km away from Mumbai. This is one of the places to visit near Mumbai which takes you miles away from it in essence and gives you the feel of a colorful place with lovely lakeside views and amazing weather to go with it

Mahabaleshwar (300 km)

The Misty town as it is called has been known for the forests which are evergreen and the weather which stays the same throughout the year. This is one of those classic examples where the destination is the topping on the beautiful pudding of a journey from Mumbai. You don’t come back from Mahabaleshwar the same person which went there. You come with a bagful of serotonin.


Shirdi (241 km)

The home of one of the most worshiped cults in the country. Shirdi is one of the places near Mumbai which people visit to seek the blessings of Sai Baba. It epitomizes faith and grants the seeker the virtues of patience. Shraddha and Saburi, are words that embody the spirit of Shirdi.

Alibaug (95km)

The island is known for its water sports and also a calm weekend between the waves. The weather is always good here and the atmosphere is mostly rocking. The journey to the place can be covered either by road or by ferry and a preferred spot to stay here would be the beach hotels. Another attraction here is the birds which come here and enthusiasts from all over the world come for some good bird watching


These weekend getaways from Mumbai are some of the ones which we suggested. Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know. We’ll visit them and have an itinerary ready for you. Adios.

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