Coorg Madikeri Itinerary

3-Day Coorg Itinerary

Day 1:

Mode of Transport: For hassle-free commute and make most of your time, hire a cab for the day’s sightseeing.

Blend of Nature and History

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

You begin your sightseeing in Coorg at Abbi Falls.

This is a popular tourist spot in Coorg. Be here as early as possible, the charm of the place will be lost with increased gatherings of tourists later in the day. The hanging bridge is what draws the crowd here. The surrounding areas are used for coffee cultivation.

Time duration: 45 min – 1 hour

5 km from the falls is the Raja’s Tombs.

The burial place of the rulers of Kodagu dynasty. There are 3 tombs placed one beside the other and the area is surrounded by well-maintained gardens. The artwork on the structure is something one must take notice. Not visited by large crowd, the tomb is one of the off-beat attractions in Coorg. Ideal place for photography and an Instagrammable place.  

Time duration: 30 – 45 min

Restaurants in this area are plentiful. You find some of the famous outlets for having your lunch. Coorg Cuisine is very popular in Madikeri.4

Fort, Park and Temple Visit

02:00 PM – 08:00 PM

Next stop will be the Madikeri Fort, 500 meters from the restaurant.

If really interested in history, you must visit this fort. Tourists’ entrance are restricted to certain areas. Taking a walk inside the fort premise takes you back to that era. The Government Museum displays the artefacts belonging to the Kodava dynasty. This is another attraction that is visited by limited number of tourists.

Time duration: 45 min – 1 hour

The last attraction of the day, Raja’s Seat.

1 km from the fort, Raja’s Seat is a viewpoint. This particular the spot offers the best panoramic view of the town. People come here to admire the sunset and spend quality time with their family and loved ones. Amusement park and toy train around the garden keep the young tourists excited.

Time duration: 1 – 1.5 hour

Later, you can pay a visit at the Omkareshwara Temple. The temple allows devotees to offer prayers from 06:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 05:00 PM to 08:00 PM.

That will bring an end to the day’s sightseeing.

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Day 2:

Mode of Transport: For hassle-free commute and make most of your time, hire a cab for the day’s sightseeing.

Reservoir and Monastery Visit

09:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Today’s itinerary will take you to Kushal Nagar with Harangi Dam being the first stop.

The dam is 30 km from Madikeri and takes almost an hour. The area is well-maintained with vibrant gardens, making it an ideal spot for family get-together. Try visiting the place early to enjoy the scenic beauty amidst the serene atmosphere. The gigantic structure of the dam is a sight to behold. 

Time duration: 45 min – 1 hour

Next, you head towards Namdroling Monastery Golden Temple, 15 km from the dam.

You cannot afford to miss this place when you are in Coorg on in Karnataka. An absolutely gem, this monastery is unique in many aspects. The paintings and statues inside tell stories from the Buddhist mythology. Plenty of shops nearby for you to buy Tibetan artefacts.

You can explore the Kushalnagar market for souvenirs.

Time duration: 1 – 1.5 hour

Elephant Camp and Isolated Reservoir

01:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Your next stop will be at the Dubare Elephant Camp. Here, you are up for some exciting time.

 If feeling hungry, then barge in at The Harvesters. A cottage-style restaurant serving contemporary cuisine in a vintage ambiance.

Dubare Elephant Camp is an eco-tourism spot. This is area is preserved and protected and is maintained by the Govt. of Karnataka. The camp is used to train elephants for important festivities across the state. Tourists are allowed to take part in various activities to interact with elephants, accommodation inside the camp premise, rafting in the Kaveri River. Nature lovers would spend an entire day here.

Time duration: 2 – 2.5 hour

The final attraction of the day will be Chiklihole Reservoir.

This particular place is isolated, 8 km from elephant camp and an off-beat place in Coorg. An ideal point to admire the sunset. You have to pass through villages and forest to get here. The closing time is 05:00 PM. So, be here on time.

Time duration: 45 min – 1 hour

Return to your hotel and call it a day.

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Day 3:

Mode of Transport: For hassle-free commute and make most of your time, hire a cab for the day’s sightseeing.

You can choose to explore any one of the following regions

Talacauvery Hills (45 km from Madikeri)


Tadiandamol Hills (41 km from Madikeri)

Option 1: Religious Outing

09:00 AM – 03:00 PM

Talacauvery is at the border of Karnataka and Kerala and is famous for couple of temples – Tala Kaveri Temple and Bhagandeshwara Temple.

Tala Kaveri Temple is a sacred place for being the source of the river Kaveri. The temple sits on the top of the Tala Kaveri Hill. The site can be accessed by an auto or a cab.

The Bhagandeshwara Temple is at the foot hill of the Tala Kaveri Hill. Triveni Sangam, the site where 3 rivers meet and form the Kaveri River, is the prime attraction.

Option 2: Adventurous Outing

08:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Tadaindamol Hills is a popular route for trekking. The trek route passes through dense forests, rocky terrain and water streams. A moderately difficult trek but if you are well prepared, it can be a cakewalk. Total length of the trek is around 10 km and can be covered in 6 – 8 hours.

Important things to carry:

1. Water-proof trekking shoes

2. Raincoats and Goggles

3. Energy bars and biscuit packets

4. Water bottles

5. Walking stick

6. Join a group

Advice: There are wild animals in the forest area, so avoid doing a solo trek.  You will be told to return to the check point by 3 PM.

If you have time and energy left, try and visit the Chelevara Waterfalls.

That will be it in Coorg.

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