A wanderer in God’s own country.

So I recently went on a cathartic trip to Munnar and here I share my experience about it.

An amalgamation of everything that is beautiful about Nature, an embodiment of the spirit that makes human life worth living, and the ambiance that gives you a colonial throwback and immediately brings you back to the beauty and diversity of our rich culture, Munnar for me was the most complete place I have ever visited.

While most hill stations can be a struggle to maintain a certain comfort in life and most tourist spots compromise tranquility for accommodating tourists, Munnar lives up to your expectations on all fronts.  Without going into what you should and should not do in Munnar, I will share my experience here.

Munnar for me is many colors coming together at the same time. The green of the beautiful hills, the blue of the stunning lakes, the yellow reflection of the Sun over the tea plantations, and the various colors of the Kathakali Dancers is an overwhelming sight for the eyes.

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I decided to walk my way through to the beautifully maintained roads of the hill station and glide through the open skies as if I was being carried by the white clouds which accompany you almost like your trip companion. I love to talk to them in the hope that they can flow away and tell my innermost desires to God. After all, I am in God’s own country. 

Munnar made me appreciate the artistic inclinations of the creator and simply how nonchalantly he has added his beloved Elephants and delved them into every particle of the canvas that this place is.

I went here to take a break from the constant slugfest that my corporate life is but Munnar taught me how everything we work for and live for is immaterial after a point. How one just lives for the experience of living. 


Everything about this place resonates with nature and makes you feel incomplete without it. Once you leave this place and go back to city life, you feel hungover and realize what cities miss and why the tempers are flaring in modern urban life.

Can we have more of this? Maybe Not. I trust humans to make a concrete jungle of this too. Let this be where it is so that it can be the drug that revitalizes us when we are in need of some healing.

On that note, I get back to my excruciating reality of city life. Until next time. Keep traveling!

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My name is Vaishnavi Kaup. I am a wanderlust, love hitchhiking and set travel goals. I am an admirer of nature and fond of trekking and camping.

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