About Chandigarh

Chandigarh – The City Beautiful, is adorned with lush green gardens and parks, double-lane wide roads, numerous chowks, and cool shopping complexes. Once you roam around the place, you get to know why Chandigarh is known as the best-planned city of India and 3rd in the world.

Just 250 km from the National Capital Region, Chandigarh has become one of the most visited tourists destination off-late. Famous for its markets, fast food joints, and nightlife, the city largely attracts a younger crowd. Also, it is the only spot for layovers while traveling to further north.

It is hard for nature lovers and photographers to resist the magic of vibrant gardens and the early morning view at Sukhna Lake. There is a lot in store for history buffs as well. By and large, the city is meant for people of all age groups.

When to Travel?

There isn’t any particular time to visit the city, however, the gardens here showcase their true and varied colours during summer. April to June will serve the purpose for people who have a knack for flowers and gardens. Others can plan any day any month.

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