About Chennai

Wanna Explore South India? Hopefully you have not missed out CHENNAI from your list. According to the world statistics report Chennai is the third most visited city in India by foreign tourists.

Chennai, a metropolitan city, a major industrial, commercial, cultural, economic and educational centre of the southern India. Formerly known as the fishing city, is famous for striking beaches, majestic temples, picturesque wide highways, Hi-Tech software hubs, world class universities, beautiful theme parks, high rise business, residential complexes are the present days outlook of the great city, most sought after by the people of all walks of life from all parts of the world.

People travel from around the world to experience water sport adventures, witness magnificent temple architecture, ancient forts, perfect south Indian food, and purchasing traditional Kanchipuram silk sarees, to enjoy scrumptious fish dishes along the beach side.

Chennai has diverse neighbourhood and is the centre of South Indian artistic and religious traditions — which makes it a unique urban village to explore. Recent years have added a new layer of cosmopolitan life: luxury hotels, boutiques, contemporary restaurants and swanky bars and clubs open well into the night. The residents of the city have a different swag. You will find people speaking in Tamil, men wearing lungis will be a common sight. Not to forget, the Rajnikanth posters and Yenna Rascala dialog!

When to Travel?

Chennai, a lively city with glittering sea, roaring and curving waves where some of them are known as sun tanning beaches, cooling off sites on a hot and sultry weather are most visited during the winter months, best months being November – February.

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