Coorg Madikeri Itinerary

About Coorg

Often referred to as the Scotland of India, Coorg (Madikeri) is one of the most serene, tranquil, and picturesque locations in the southern part of India if not the entire country. What comes out as strikingly beautiful about the place is the fact that it is a plethora of colours all mixed into a rainbow of divinity. The green plantations complement the blue skies and take you on a journey that is not just external but spiritual too.

For a generation that is used to wake up smelling coffee and perpetually sleep-deprived, Coorg offers the perfect antidote ironically through the coffee plantations which add to the breath-taking scenery. The sound of the flowing stream takes all your worries and leaves sediments of memories that stay with you above and beyond time.

Coorg is also a perfect road trip destination and is pretty accessible from a lot of nearby towns so it sees a herd of tourists flocking through the place yet this is never a place that seems overcrowded in any way. So if you are looking forward to visiting this place (which you should be if you ask us), we have some great recommendations for you. Check out.

When to Travel?

October to March is the best time to visit when the weather in Coorg is at its best – pleasant, warm, and limited rain. Trekking becomes easier and enjoyable.

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