About Dalhousie

Lord Dalhousie was the man who established the town and hence it is named Dalhousie. The town lies in the Chamba valley which is most likely the highest and toughest region of Himachal Pradesh and therefore most beautiful and sparsely populated landscape.

Snowfall in Chamba valley and Dalhousie is popular and tourists flock to this region to get a glimpse of the snow. Dalhousie is also known for its military regiment and that ensures law and order.

The town thrives on tourism and thus promotes it. Hindi is the common language. Remote tourist destinations. Remote places viz. Bharmour and Saach Pass are easily accessed from Dalhousie.

When to Travel?

To get the best views of the valley, December, January and February should be the months for your trip. The region receives snowfall towards end of December.

July – September is the monsoon season and you must not visit during this time due to high chances of landslides.

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