About Dooars

Dooars, the literal meaning of the word is the gateway. Being at the foothills of the Himalayas, the name is apt. The beauty of the place is its remoteness and that’s what tourists want to explore here.

What you find in abundance here is natural vegetation, perennial streams and a world that is untouched by human interference. Adventure lovers, wildlife photographers, botanists put this destination at the top of their places-to-visit list.

A chance to visit the India-Bhutan border is an added advantage of visiting the Dooars. The region is still very much underdeveloped and indigenous tribes are the inhabitants of the quaint villages here.

Bangla and Asamiya are two prominent languages commonly used.

When to Travel?

Wildlife safaris are best when taken in the winter and spring seasons. Plan your visit from December to May. Don’t even think about visiting Dooars in the monsoon season.

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