About North Goa

NORTH GOA, extensively known for its “night life”, is a state in South Western part of India. This troy sized state is just more than the pristine beaches, fantasy parties and economical alcohol. This prismatic state is a mixture of Indian and Portuguese culture with inclusion of warmth, sea, sea food and drinks. There’s no place like this in India.

There are so many reasons to attract the tourist from all over who can lay back and relax on the shacks with a pint near the glint beaches. Goa is no less than a wonderland which includes almost all the water sports which one can think of. The markets are another attraction for shopaholics. They can purchase all unique items which includes handicrafts, gleaming jewellery, herbs and funky clothes till their shoulders droop.

Food is thoroughly enjoyed in Goa. The scent, spice and flavour of Goan cuisine are highly favoured by the travellers. The piquant and savoury dishes draw the travellers to try and explore more of it. The Indo-Portuguese dishes are treat for the taste buds.

The churches and old temples add on to the spiritual life of people residing in Goa. The ancient towering churches with Portuguese architecture, attracts people world- wide. The forts situated in Goa, draws the travellers for a picturesque scene of the beaches beneath. It gives a unique experience to visualize the golden exquisite water splashing onto the shores.

The silent islands with the splashing wave’s audible invites people to have a blissful time with their partners. It is a perfect holiday place who wants to have change in their mundane life.

When to Travel?

The ideal months being November to April. Just as the monsoon season passes by, November offers scenic view of the state wit lush green landscape. December and January are the months when maximum visitors around the globe flock to this mini state to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

May is the hottest month of the year and June onwards monsoon sets in. May to September is the time when Goa sees a slump in influx of tourists. Travellers looking to avoid large crowds and enjoy peaceful stay can look to plan their visit during this time span with an added incentive of reduced expenses.

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