About Kalimpong

Kalimpong is often considered an alternate of Darjeeling. The town established under the British rule sees a growth of tourism in the region every year. During the peak season, Darjeeling is often packed with visitors and getting a room can be impossible at times. Kalimpong welcomes you with open arms.

The natural beauty of Kalimpong remains the major attraction, along with monasteries, temples, and historical landmarks. The Kanchenjunga viewpoints are aplenty.  Adding to that, Darjeeling is just 50 km away.

Local villages have setup homestays to accommodate the tourists and that has become a preferred mode of accommodation. Setting on expeditions to explore and understand the way of life makes Kalimpong an excellent choice for eco-tourism.

Bangla, Hindi, Nepali and English are spoken here.

When to Travel?

Although you can visit Kalimpong anytime throughout the year, to get the best experience, it is advised to plan your visit anytime between October and May. During this time, rainfall is scanty and the Kanchenjunga view is spectacular.

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