About Kochi

Kochi has been serving as the center of the spice trade for more than 500 years. Stories of merchants arriving here from Europe and China are plenty. To know what draws these traders to the city from around the world even today, you must plan a visit soon!

Kochi is a fine example of a multicultural society, the reason being, it has been governed by the indigenous Indian rulers and the exotic Portuguese, Dutch and English administrators. The city has somehow maintained the historical essence, which can be felt in Fort Kochi.

Being a port city, natural vegetation seems to be flourishing at every corner which co-exists with modern infrastructures. Malayalam, Hindi, and English are commonly used by the natives, making it relatively easy for tourists to understand them and their culture.

When to Travel?

Southern part of India is best explored during winters and Kerala is no different. November to March gives you the best experience. Lately, monsoon season has been creating a flood like scenario in the state. Hence should not plan during that season.

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