About Manali

Manali is a hill station that has over the years obtained iconic status as the most prominent visiting place for visitors. This is one of the most developed places of significance at a higher altitude which sees consistent snowfall, has picturesque sceneries, and is suitable for both family visitors as well as backpackers. You can expect to find a varied crowd here and is the perfect place for people who want to intermingle and have conversations of the most random nature in the backdrop of picturesque hills. There are some attractions here that have been garnered attention and the recently inaugurated Atal Tunnel has become one attraction that has become a medium of media coverage giving it even more prominence than before.

Manali doesn’t just get visitors from our country but they also get tourists from all over the world. Manali has Old and New Manali. While Old Manali is for the purists and the old souls, the New Manali portion of the city has everything that a person of this generation usually needs while travelling. Night clubs, good crowd and you know what else.

When to Travel?

Manali has tourists come throughout the year. Those visiting in the summer months usually travel to escape the heat of the tropical weather and the ones who travel in the winter months are usually looking to see snow and also an escape from pollution if you are coming from the northern parts of the country. October to March is what we would recommend though. If you want to see snow then 15th of January should be the cut-off.

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