Mysuru Mysore

About Mysuru

Mysuru or Mysore has always been a strategically important city since ancient times. Its historical significance can be understood with the number of heritage sites in and around the city. The Infosys multiplex building and its vicinity to Bengaluru make it part of the global technology hub of India.

The city is also known as the Cultural Centre of Karnataka primarily because of the pompous Dasara celebrations during the Navratri in a traditional way and the usage of Tongas (house-cart) as a mode of transportation.

It is indeed difficult to explore all the tourist attractions in and around Mysore in one single visit. Hence it has become the sought-after destination for weekend gateways for residents of Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Chennai &c.

Kannad, Hindi, Urdu and English are commonly used hence communication is never a problem here.

When to Travel?

The peak season for tourists is from September to February. During this period, the people of the city get into the festive mood and the Mysore Palace is illuminated with 1000 lights for Dasara celebrations.

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