About Purulia

Purulia is known as a tourist destination exclusively to the people of West Bengal. The city’s proximity to Dhanbad, Ranchi, and Jamshedpur makes it an easy getaway option for people of Jharkhand as well.

Purulia is a land of rich resources with vast forest cover, natural waterfalls, multiple dams, and pilgrimage sites. The historical significance of the region is maintained through landmark buildings and century-old temples. The legacy of the Chau Mask making is carried on till date by the villagers of Charida, where every house is involved in the processes of mask making.

History buffs and wildlife lovers have a lot to explore at Baranti and Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, respectively. So, Purulia offers a complete package for enthusiastic travelers.

Bangla and Hindi are commonly used in this part of India.

When to Travel?

Summer and monsoon seasons are not the best time to plan your visit. Ideal months is October to March. The average temperature remains between 20-25°C and chances of rain are minimal.

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