Ayodhya Hill Tour Plan

Ayodhya Hill Sightseeing

Mode of Transport: For hassle-free commute and make most of your time, hire a cab for the day’s sightseeing.

10:00 AM – 06:00 PM

You begin your tour by visiting the most prominent tourist spot in Purulia, PPSP Upper Dam and PPSP Lower Dam.

Purulia Pump Storage Project (PPSP) is the first pump storage hydro power station of India. These dams provide a vantage point for the tourists to enjoy the view of the Ayodha Hills and forest areas.

Time duration: 1 – 1.5 hour

3 km from Upper Dam is the Marble Lake / Echo Lake.

The crystal clear blue lake is surrounded by marble canyon. The sight is unusual. Amidst lush green forest cover, sits a serene oasis. Due to its surrounding, you can hear the echo of your voice. A peaceful spot and visited by fewer people.

Time duration: 1 – 1.5 hour

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Next stop will be at Bamni Falls.

Just 2 km from Marble Lake, Bamni Falls is a cascading waterfall. You have to go down some steep rocks to get any near to the falls. Not a place for elderly tourists. At the entrance, you will find shops to get some refreshments.

Time duration: 45 min – 1 hour.

Turga Falls is adjacent to Bamni Falls, but the viewpoint is around 10 km from Bamni Falls.

Turga Falls appears similar to Bamni Falls. Adjacent to the falls is the Turga Lake.

Time duration: 30 – 45 min

The last attraction for the day is Mayur Hill/Peacock Hill.

This is the peak of Ayodha Hill. From here, you get to see the entire view of Ayodha Hill. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This is an ideal location for viewing the sunset. Stay and watch the sunset and call it a day.

Time duration: 1 – 2 hours

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