Neeharika Bhowmick

Travel Photographer and Blogger

Neeharika Bhowmick is a passionate traveler and a blogger. Loves to explore and share her new experiences as it makes her realize that the world so beautiful and there is so much to admire and treasure.

Her Blog: The wonders and habitat of Goa’s marine world


Vaishnavi Kaup

Techie by profession and traveler by passion

Vaishnavi Kaup a wanderlust, loves hitchhiking and set travel goals. An admirer of nature and fond of trekking and camping.

Her Blog: A wanderer in God’s own country.



Sab Changa Si.

Jashan is a theatre actor and a working professional who rushes to the mountains every time he seeks peace and ecstasy  

His Blog: Himachal’s Secret Valley!


Prakhar Gautam

Challa ki labh da phire

Prakhar Gautam is a theatre actor, director, writer, traveler and an entrepreneur. He believes himself to be a pendulum, stuck between a dream and an unending reality!

His Blog: Kasol – Himachal ka Soul !

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