Depression and Travel

Depression is bloody real. Get it. “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers “– Streetcar Named Desire When you listen to uneducated idiots around you talking about depression, all you want to do is just go away from them. Probably it isn’t something that most people would advise. But for those who claim to be there for me in this time are nowhere to … Continue reading Depression and Travel


Inconspicuous Scenery

A scenery ? Un Kheton me khaliyanon me, Un chote badhe makaaanon mejalti ek angeethi hai, ek zindagi hai thodi k The wind blows across your face and kisses your cheeks while you sit and admire something you have no recollection of. Let this be the moment when you take some time out from your precious schedule and listen to that bustling wind again and … Continue reading Inconspicuous Scenery