Places to visit near Bangalore

Road Trips from Bangalore

Bangalore is perhaps the biggest cosmopolitan in India right now with people from all over the country working in the city. The city has emerged as the IT hub of the country and without a doubt, it has become one place that houses some of the most hardworking people ever. But as we say, Work hard, travel harder. If you are living in Bangalore, there … Continue reading Road Trips from Bangalore

Places to visit near Bhubaneswar

Road Trips from Bhubaneswar

Odisha is blessed with natural water bodies, rich vegetation, dense forests, wild landscapes, and a 400 km coastline. Tourism in Odisha is often related to heritage and spirituality and that is changing now. The administration is keen on making Odisha a destination for eco-tourism by setting up nature camps at some of the unique locations across the state. And being a resident of the state, … Continue reading Road Trips from Bhubaneswar

Places to visit near Kochi

Road Trips from Kochi

Although Kochi is a popular tourist destination and attracts a large number of visitors from around the world, it has a lot to offer for its residents. The backwaters make an ideal spot for viewing the migratory birds while the upper ranges of Western Ghats are home to some of the foamy waterfalls and majestic peaks. You must embark on a road trip to explore … Continue reading Road Trips from Kochi

Weekend Getaway Gurgaon

Road Trips from Gurgaon

Gurgaon over the years has emerged as a major corporate destination. It’s known as the millennium city and for good reason, the infrastructure here can give any city a run for their money. People work in the biggest of skyscrapers here and some of the most modern offices. But you know all work and no travel makes jack BORED AF. Now we know all of … Continue reading Road Trips from Gurgaon

Places to visit near Hyderabad

Road Trips from Hyderabad

Tourists and travelers from all over the globe come to Hyderabad to explore its rich heritage, lip-smacking cuisines, and of course for diamonds. The city of pearl has a lot to offer for its residents as well. From UNESCO heritage sites, astonishing waterfalls to majestic forests, you get to explore a lot just by driving a few kilometers from the city. Here is a list … Continue reading Road Trips from Hyderabad