Dangerous Roads Itinerary

Mode of Transport: It is very important to book a cab the previous night to cover today’s destinations.

This itinerary covers remote areas that are rarely visited by tourists reason being the roads that lead to these places are most dangerous in India and hence off-beat in Dalhousie and Chamba district.

Option 1: Saach Pass (150 km from Dalhousie)

Option 2: Bharmour (120 km from Dalhousie)

Option 1: Saach Pass

Adventure not for Light-Hearted.

07:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Saach Pass is located right at the northern end of Himachal Pradesh. The pass connects the tribal region of Himachal Pradesh with the other important places. The region is not developed at all and hence you get to explore something that is pure and untouched by modern world.

6 hours is what it takes to reach here so it is wise to start early to return back to your hotel on the same day. Bairagarh is the only place that has few options for overnight stays, if you find it difficult to manage in one day.

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Option 2: Bharmour

Abode of Lord Shiva

08:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Bharmour is a famous religious site in Himachal Pradesh. Every devotee of Lord Shiva plans to pay a visit in order to seek blessings from their master. Chaurasi Temple is known to every Himachali. NH 154-A will lead you to Bharmour in 4 hours from Dalhousie via Chamba.

Chaurasi Temple is a unique complex with 84 shrines and way of life in Bharmour is centre around the temple. If you are a devotee, you must pay a visit.

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