Devprayag Rishikesh

Devprayag/Neelkanth Itinerary

Option 1:

Devprayag is 80 km from Rishikesh and takes around 2 hours. Devprayag is a spiritual center in Uttarakhand. The literal meaning of ‘Devprayag’ is holy confluence. The confluence of the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda rivers gives birth to the sacred River Ganga. The point of confluence is named Devprayag Sangam. There are a number of temples to offer prayers and seek blessings. A round trip from Rishikesh to Devprayag will take 5 – 6 hours. The ideal mode of transportation would be to book a taxi for a day.

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Option 2:

Neelkanth is famous for Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. The location of the temple is believed to be the spot where Lord Shiva consumed poison during the famous Samudra Manthan episode. Consumption of poison turned his throat blue and thus Lord Shiva is known as Neelkanth.

On your to Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, you must explore Patna Waterfall.

Patna Waterfall is a hidden natural gem. To reach the point of the fall you have to trek for 1 km. This is not frequently visited by tourists. Hence you get to experience a pristine form of nature.

20 km from Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, is the famous and most adventurous place of Rishikesh, Jumpin Heights.

Jumpin Heights organizes some of the extreme and thrilling experiences for tourists visiting Rishikesh. Bungy jumping, giant swing, flying fox are the most thrilling activities. If you love adventure, you must try this. Not recommended for faint-hearted.

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