Gir Forest

Gir Itineraries

Places to Visit, Eat, Shop and Things to Do in Gir

Gir Safari Tour

  1. Devaliya Forest Morning Safari
  2. Gir National Forest Afternoon Safari

Somnath Sightseeing

  1. Shree Somnath Temple
  2. Prabhas Patan Museum
  3. Somnath Beach
  4. Triveni Sangram

Diu Sightseeing

  1. Diu Fort
  2. Diu Museum
  3. Naida Caves
  4. INS Khukri Meomrial Park

Travel Cost and Expenditure for Gir Vacation

Solo travelling is not a good idea in Gir. The trip expenses becomes ridiculously high for solo travelers.

For people travelling in groups (3 to 4) the average travel cost comes to below Rs. 950 per head per day.

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