Gokarna Beach Trek

Mode of Transport: Autos are easily available from major attractions. Scooters and cycles can be rented from certain locations.

PS: This is not a commercialized tourist destination like Goa, so you can ask the localities or hotel owners for guidance and direction.

Beach Hopping

09:00 AM – 03:00 PM

Beach trek is something that you don’t get to do more often. Some of the iconic and popular beaches of Gokarna are situated close to one another but the real challenge is accessibility. Motor vehicles and bikes are allowed till Kudle and Om beach. Half-moon and Paradise beaches have to be explored on foot and the trekking route begins from Om beach.

So start by 09:00 and enjoy an auto ride through narrow lanes of Gokarna till Kudle Beach.

Kudle beach is the only beach out of the lot where you will find enough shacks and a couple of shops. The beach is half sandy and half rocky. Waves on this beach are relatively rough, so avoid taking a swim or going deep into the sea.

Make sure to get some snacks before beginning the beach trek.

You can walk to Om beach which would take around 25 – 30 mins or take an auto.

Om Beach is so named because its shape resembles the symbol of Om (ॐ). You can figure it out from a higher elevation. There are some shops at the entrance but nothing can be found at the beach.

The real trek begins from this point. The route to Half-Moon beach goes through the forest and over the hills. There are high chances of getting lost, as the trails are really confusing and you won’t find any signboard in the middle. Some patches are really challenging and along a cliff.

There is only one shack at the Half-moon beach, so take a mandatory rest here.

The route to the Paradise beach offers some stunning and spectacular views of the Arabian Sea.

Time duration: The journey from Kudle to Paradise will take around 2 hours and the return journey would take the same time. In 5 – 6 hours, you can complete this beach trek.

Advice: DO NOT GO SOLO ON BEACH TREK! Find a group and stick with them till the end. Put on waterproof footwear that has a good grip. Although it’s a beach trek, AVOID slippers!

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Temple Visit and Sunset

04:00 PM – 07:00 PM

After successfully completing the beach trek, head towards the Gokarna Main Beach.

100 meters from the Gokarna Main Beach is the Sri Mahabaleshwara Temple.

Sri Mahabaleshwara Temple is an ancient and revered temple in Gokarna. Everyone in the town knows about this temple. Pay a visit and offer your prayers at this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

And finally, wind up your long day at the Gokarna Main Beach with the view of mindboggling sunset.

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