Historical Tour Itinerary

These attractions are located at different cities and will take more than one hour to reach. The best mode of transportation will be to hire an outstation cab for the entire day. The arrangement of vehicle can be made a day before.

Travellers who are enthusiastic about road trips will have the best experience of their trip. Carry a pen drive loaded with your favourite tracks to make this a memorable journey.

Historical Excursion (Part 1)

10:00 AM – 01:00 PM

First place to visit will be Sriperumbudur which is famously known for Rajiv Gandhi Memorial. It takes almost an hour to cover a distance of 40 km from Chennai via National Highway 48.

Rajiv Gandhi Memorial is the site where Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Ratna Gandhi, was assassinated on 21st May, 1991 while attending his rally. The place has been developed into a tourist attraction. Tourist across the country pay their homage to the youngest and revered Prime Minister. The area is guarded by CISF.

A sense of nostalgia sets in for those who had mourned the loss of the leader. 

Time duration: 60 – 90 mins.

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Historical Excursion (Part 2)

02:00 PM – 07:00 PM

After this, you will heading towards an ancient town with historical significance, Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram which is 60 km from Sriperumbudur. An hour and half long drive via the ECR along the coastline makes the journey all the more enjoyable.

Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram is an ancient town which flourished under the reign of the Pallav dynasty in the 5th century CE. It has monuments which were constructed during their rule and have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Shore temple, Pancha Ratha and Krishna’s Butter Ball are the prominent monuments. The Mahabalipuram beach is next to the Shore Temple.

The town draws tourists from all over the world and has an assortment of restaurants serving fresh seafood by the shore. There are restaurants that serve traditional vegetarian Chettinad cuisines.

The Fisherman Colony gives you plenty of options to buy souvenirs from this ancient town which is famously known for its stone sculptures and artwork.

Stay as long as you feel like. Return journey to Chennai will take almost an hour. 

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