Bateshwar, places to see in Gwalior tour

How To Reach Gwalior

Air: Gwalior Airport (GWL) is a civilian cum military airport. It is operated by the Indian Air Force. It is not a busy airport and has limited flights. Non-stop flights are available from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Indore, and Jammu.

Rail: Gwalior Junction (GWL) connects Gwalior to all the major cities. Shatabdi trains, Express trains, and Super Fast trains operate from Gwalior junction.

Road: National Highway 44 connects Gwalior to Delhi (350 km), Chandigarh (600 km), Nagpur (700 km), Hyderabad (1200 km), and Bangalore (1800 km). National Highway 19 connects Gwalior to Kanpur (270 km), Patna (800 km), and Kolkata (1300 km). National Highway 27 connects Gwalior to Ahmedabad (900 km) and Guwahati (1800 km).

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