How To Reach Manali

Reaching Manali was once considered a taxing affair but over the years it has become easier with the influx of tourists and attention being paid to infrastructural development. As of now it is one of the easiest places to reach in Manali and as the adage goes. All roads lead to Manali.

Railway: The nearest railway stations are Pathankot and Chandigarh. Both are situated roughly 300 kilometres from Manali and from there are cabs plying regularly. You can book the cabs in advance but it isn’t necessarily a requisite since there are cabs available at all railway station who are ready to hire and can take you through to Manali. Another option is Shimla but that would be slightly far.

Road: Okay so this is the one we recommend. The Locations, the changing topography and everything else in between. Those who want to travel by bus. There are HRTC busses which ply from Delhi and go through Chandigarh. The distance from Delhi is around 12 hrs 40 mins or 530 kilometres. The distances are usually covered in overnight journeys so you sleep in the plains and wake up to some picturesque locations.

Air: The nearest airport is Kullu Manali near Bhuntar and there are regular flights from Delhi and Chandigarh. For those coming from southern or eastern and western parts of the country, it would be advisable to reach the Delhi or Chandigarh airport and then take a bus or a cab.

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