Kasauli Offbeat Activities Itinerary

Option 1


12:00 PM – 07:00 PM

Mode of Transport: Kasauli has a population of less than 5000. Therefore, public transport can rarely be seen. Cabs are easily available and can be booked from any hotel and that will be the best mode of transportation if not having a personal vehicle.

Kalka – Simla Mountain Railway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and so is Barog Railway Station.

Barog is famously known for its tunnel along the railway track. It has the longest tunnel of 1100 meters. The train takes almost 3 minutes to pass. The railway has been featured in multiple shows for BBC and CNN. A total of 7 trains ply on the route.

Tourist train – Himalayan Queen (52455) – can be boarded at Dharampur Railway Station at 01:40 PM (13:40 hrs). The captivating journey to Barog takes an hour. Barog has a fascinating history and has got its name after the engineer who built the tunnels.

In the meantime, you can look to quench your hunger at Barog just outside the station premises.

For return journey, a passenger train (52458) can be boarded at 05:40 PM (17:40 hrs) at Barog and reach Dharampur by 06:20 PM (18:20 hrs).

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Option 2

Blessings at Temple and Rope-way

Baba Balaknath Mandir at Garkhal is a revered temple in the region. Localities come here for daily prayers and seek blessings.

The second attraction is at Parwanoo, the border of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, Timber Trail.

Timber Trail offers a captivating rope-way ride of 1.5 km. The cable car lands at the Timber Trail Resort. In the resort, you can look to have your lunch.

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