Kasol – Himachal ka Soul !

If you are looking for places to visit in Kasol and things to do in Kasol, I have penned down my first-hand experience for you.

Shorgul se door ek shadaab hai

Ye furston ka sabaab hai…

Wo asar hai is zameen ka

Jo davaaon me hota hai…

Ye sheher wo maikhaana hai

Jahan nasha havaaon me hota hai !

It is difficult for a traveler like me to put into words the experience of being in Kasol and it would be a crime to describe Kasol without describing Tosh and Manikaran. Kasol isn’t exactly a hidden gem now and hosts a variety of crowd coming from different parts of the world however what separates it from other hill stations is its ability to provide you peace while you are in a crowd.

The beauty of Kasol is how it humbles you and makes you feel like a king both at the same time. When you sit near the Parvathi river and observe the flowing water just observing how transparent the water really is and the ferocity with which it rampages is a sight that embraces you at a level where you connect to your very being with the enormity of the mountains giving you an aspect of how inconspicuous you are as a part of this world. It gives you the zeal to go fight the world and then reminds you of how big the world really is. But for the ones who aren’t quite that philosophical, this place does carry a vibe that is unmatched and without getting into the controversial details of what gets the vibe going, all I am going to say is that you’ll meet many people who would want to gel with you and be as effervescent as you so there’s enough to flow through the motions of an atmosphere that is unmatched. This is certainly one of the best places to visit in Kasol.

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places to visit in Kasol

For those who are helplessly affected by the wandering syndrome and are vagabonds like me, you have something else to look forward to and that is a travel up to Tosh which surely is a place that only should be explored by those who have absolutely nothing to do in life like me because for me Tosh is the place where you enjoy nothingness like never before. The village barely a few kilometers in length and breadth can bore those who are looking to party but for someone who is in search of some ‘Me Time’, there isn’t a place that would give you more time to explore the very depths of your soul than this place. All you need to do is get a place and look deep into the imposing mountains and hear the sounds of vacuum. The Cold temperatures freeze the hell within you and let you float in a subconscious state of pronoia. Of course, you can easily get some help there too, if you know what I mean
I think I have never felt so fulfilled during a return journey where I also made a casual halt at the beautiful Manikaran Sahab which added to the already spiritual state I was in.

So for a person who likes to spend a lot of time with himself, it is a perfect place, for a person who wants to vibe with friends, this is the perfect place too. So all you need to do right now is check out the itinerary and plan a Kasol trip because there are tons of things to do and enjoy when you visit Kasol. What are you waiting for?

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