The perfect destination for your New Year’s week.

The year has been a torrid one for sure and that is an undeniable reality that is going to stay with us till the end of time. However, it would be extremely pessimistic to look back on the year and have just negative memories. So as we welcome the New Year with the hopes of a better future, we really feel that you should go into the New Year cruising on the wave of some amazing positivity, tranquillity, and above all with a clear head looking forward to something beautiful. And no better place to do it other than Shimla.

A mesmerizing view that sets the mood

The queen of hills has always been the favourite destination for all travellers and this is the ideal place to spend your New Year’s week as there is just so much to look forward to here. The Christmas festivities are always a thing of beauty here with the churches and the carnival atmosphere. You have some of the best clubs but this recommendation here is particularly for those souls who with their party plans, also need to enhance their soul.

A perfect place to celebrate the New Year Eve.

We stumbled upon this amazing place near the woods of Chail. The Livingstone Eco Resort Chail (LivingStone Chail – LivingStone Stays) is the perfect spot for you to spend that week because while it keeps you in the hills it is the perfect vantage point for you to travel to the City life of Shimla or to witness a snowfall in Kufri or just sit back and relax.

Gaming zone for young and adults

For those of you who want to manage your work too simultaneously, there is just the perfect setting for you to stay untouched by the work stress and manage your work from the hills. It increases your efficiency, we can vouch for that. And with the wedding season now over. It also offers you the perfect first trip as a married couple. You can get to experience some of the most beautiful sceneries in the woods and enjoy a good romantic dinner with some of the most perfectly curated cuisines here.

An ambiance to relish your meals

We know you can’t resist this temptation.  See you there.

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