Mcleodganj Itineraries

Places to Visit,Eat, Shop and Things to do in Mcleodganj

Religious Sightseeing

  1. St. John in the Wilderness
  2. Kalachakra temple
  3. Tsuglagkhang Complex Dalai Lama Temple


Tibet Kitchen


Tibetan Market

Trekking Activities

  1. Bhagsu Naag Temple
  2. Gallu Devi Temple
  3. Triund Trek


Morgan’s Place

Dharmashala & Kangra Tour

  1. War Memorial
  2. HPCA Stadium
  3. Gyuto Tantric temple
  4. Kangra Fort


Food Plaza Restaurant

Travel Cost and Expenditure for Mcleodganj Vacation

For Solo Travelers average travel cost in Mcleodganj will be just under Rs. 1350 per day.

For people travelling in groups (3 to 4) the average travel cost comes to around Rs. 950 per head per day.

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