Temples in South India

7 lesser-known temples in South India

You find countless temples spread across in every direction in India. But when it comes to temples of southern India, you realize that these are more than just a place of worship. Two common aspects of South Indian temples are their artwork and their layout. The artwork of each temple showcases the cultural heritage and diversity of that era. Some of the temple complexes are … Continue reading 7 lesser-known temples in South India

Monasteries in India

7 monasteries of India you must visit

Religious tourism has been trending and India, the center of spirituality, attracts a large number of tourists both domestic and international. Paying a visit to any monastery makes you acquainted with the Tibetan culture and the purpose of each monk’s journey. The emphasis on peace and the importance of Dharma Chakra are the fundamental principles that are believed to be the core of Buddhism. Here’s … Continue reading 7 monasteries of India you must visit

Waterfalls in India

7 majestic waterfalls in India you must explore.

Waterfalls are truly a heavenly sight to behold and everyone agrees with it! Waterfalls are one of the most sought-after natural beauties every traveler wants to include in their itineraries. At some waterfalls, you get the feel the exhilarating experience by standing underneath, and at some, you are awestruck by simply watching it. Here’s a list of some of the iconic waterfalls in India you … Continue reading 7 majestic waterfalls in India you must explore.

Places to visit near Bangalore

Road Trips from Bangalore

Bangalore is perhaps the biggest cosmopolitan in India right now with people from all over the country working in the city. The city has emerged as the IT hub of the country and without a doubt, it has become one place that houses some of the most hardworking people ever. But as we say, Work hard, travel harder. If you are living in Bangalore, there … Continue reading Road Trips from Bangalore