Temples in North India

7 well-known temples in North India

India is definitely one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it boasts of its rich heritage, tradition, and belief system. The temples in India are a testimony to religious history that has thrived for thousands of years. Every year these temples are visited by lakhs of devotees to offer prayers. Here is a list of 7 iconic and ancient temples located across northern … Continue reading 7 well-known temples in North India

Mosque in India

7 must-visit mosques of India

Masjid is an Arabic word for mosques that means ‘place of prostration’. The distinctiveness of each mosque can be seen in its architecture, layout, and artwork. These features of the mosques tell us the story of the regional tradition and the time period of its construction. The minarets and domes are the most visible aspect and most common feature of the design. Here is a … Continue reading 7 must-visit mosques of India