India itinerary

Travel Categories

Adventure Tourism

Know about the best places for trekking, jungle safari, and camping.

Coastal Tourism

Coastal Tourism

Explore some of the famous and off-beat destinations along the coastline.

Indian Border

Near The Border

Pay a visit to the historical places where you get close to the entrance of neighboring countries.

Caves in India

Hidden Caves

Explore the hidden caves across India and find out what led to thier formation.

Urban Tourism

Urban Tourism

Know about the way of life, culture, and charm of different cities.

Heritage Tourism

Heritage Tourism

Are you a history buff? Then you cannot afford to miss these places.



Want to experience nature in its pristine form? Find out the best ecotourism destinations

Hill station

Hill Stations

Explore the well-known hill stations in India for a perfect vacation.

Mountain railway

Mountain Railways

Take a ride in the world-famous heritage railway network in the hills.